måndag 21 februari 2011

30 days of books - Day 17

Favorite quote from your favorite book

Skämtar du? Först måste jag veta vilken min favoritbok är, och sedan måste jag veta vilket mitt favoritcitat är därifrån. Seriöst? Vet inte om jag klarar det här. Tänkte att jag istället kunde dela med mig av åtskilliga favoritcitat från åtskilliga böcker.

"French name, English accent, American school. Anna confused." 

— Anna Oliphant, Anna and the French Kiss av Stephanie Perkins.

"Just because you call an electric eel a rubber duck doesn't make it a rubber duck, does it? And God help the poor bastard who decides they want to take a bath with the duckie."

"Don't order any of the faerie food," said Jace, looking at her over the top of his menu. "It tends to make humans a little crazy. One minute you're munching a faerie plum, the next minute you're running naked down Madison Avenue with antlers on your head. Not," he added hastily, "that this has ever happened to me."   

Jace Lightwood, The Mortal Instruments av Cassandra Clare (man skulle kunna säga att allt denna karaktär säger är favoritcitat)

"The mosquito felt pain and panic but the dragonfly knew nothing of cruelty. He didn't have the imagination to put himself in the mosquito's place. He just enjoyed his meal. Humans would call it evil, the big dragonfly destroying the mosquito and ignoring the little insect's suffering. Yet humans hated mosquitoes too, calling them vicious and bloodthirsty. All these words, words like 'evil' and 'vicious', they meant nothing to Nature. Yes, evil was a human invention."

Ellie, Tomorrow, When the War Began av John Marsden
"I mean, really. Who sends their kid to boarding school? It's so Hogwarts. Only mine doesn't have cute boy wizards or magic candy or flying lessons."  

— Anna Oliphant, Anna and the French Kiss av Stephanie Perkins.
"You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope." 

— Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games av Suzanne Collins

"So it's you and a syringe against the Capitol? See, this is why no one lets you make the plans." 
— Katniss Everdeen, Catching Fire av Suzanne Collins

"Well, don't expect us to be too impressed. We just saw Finnick Odair in his underwear." 
— Boggs, Mockingjay av Suzanne Collins
"Yes, frosting. The final defense of the dying." 

— Peeta Mellark, The Hunger Games av Suzanne Collins

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  1. Haha, ja skratta så mycket när jag läste Mockingjay och såg det där XD